Digital Team

Best in class services

As a team we focus on user needs, whether that is a citizen, an organisation or an internal user. We are committed to providing the most efficient, effective and secure services to meet the needs of a diverse and ever growing digitally aware customer base.

We are an exemplar in public sector innovation. Based in Swansea we benefit from the local culture of entrepreneurialism as well as the innovative use of technology. We currently provide 26 of our 63 high level services online with many of them being recognised externally as best in class.


Our tools and technology

Our digital services are built using modern tools and technologies. We use public cloud where possible, taking advantage of the cost, availability and performance advantages supplied by cloud providers.

Our services are comprised of small loosely-coupled components that can be swapped in and out and deployed independently. Our aspiration is to be able to move implementations across different cloud platforms. This means we focus on cloud native solutions, packaged as Docker containers and orchestrated using Kubernetes. However, with our eye on the future, we have taken advantage of serverless computing for our API platform, utilising products such as AWS API Gateway, Cognito and Lambda.


We support a number of programming languages, frameworks and runtime engines, including Java, React and Node.js. With our move to immutable infrastructure our software and infrastructure is defined in code, and deployed through our continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline.