We take Wellbeing seriously


We take your wellbeing seriously knowing how important physical and mental health is to you and us.

It’s ok to…

We actively promote an environment where ‘It’s ok to’ take time to invest in your mental and physical wellbeing and that ranges from taking regular breaks from work and meetings to being able to go for a walk or do the school run. We trust and empower our employees to work flexibly around other commitments they may have to deliver their outcomes.

Support 4 You

Support 4 You is our long-term commitment to the wellbeing of all our people. It features a range of activities including motivational speakers, meditation sessions, live classes, Lunch & Learns, inspirational podcasts, free training, smarter working tips, coping strategies and more.

Wellbeing Wednesday

We introduced Wellbeing Wednesday earlier this year to encourage our employees to take an hour a week away from the laptop to focus on their own wellbeing. Through the Support4You initiative we host a range of activities from inspirational speakers to yoga classes that you can choose to join or you can choose to  use the hour to do something beneficial for you, something you enjoy like reading a book or going for a run.

Focus Time Friday

Focus Time Friday is our latest pilot. It’s about encouraging a positive change in how we work remotely, supporting the delivery of critical tasks in what can often be a congested week of meetings. We support a no meeting directive from 10am onwards on a Friday to let everyone clear their to do lists and any outstanding work before the weekend, in an effort to ensure you head into the weekend able to rest and renew safe in the knowledge that critical tasks have been completed and you’ve been able to take the time to prepare for the following week. 

Staff Feedback

 We actively seek staff back through a number of routes such as pulse surveys, end of session feedback, via our social representatives and communication and engagement managers, the result of which has been the development of our wellbeing initiatives, the design and development of our career pathways and a refresh to our weekly publications.

Staff Support and Advocacy

Fresh perspectives are welcomed, and you will be actively encouraged join staff engagement sessions, communities of practice, support and learning groups, all serving to ensure you are supported to give the best of yourself to DVLA Digital as we develop, together.